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Resources on Climate Change: impacts, preparation, adaptation, and mitigation

There are zillions of excellent things to read or watch on climate change now available on the web.  On this page we focus on local resources.  We need your help with this.  If you know of good resources of local (regional or provincial) importance, please send them to us or let us know how we can get them (contact us).

Climate Change Action Plans

Town of Antigonish Municipal Climate Change Action Plan 2013
Municipality of the County of Antigonish MCCAP 2013

Food Security

Making Food Matter: Strategies for Activating Change Together: a participatory research report on community food security in Nova Scotia, produced by The Community-University Research Alliance: Activating Change Together for Community Food Security (ACT for CFS)

Integrated Community Sustainability Plans

Town of Antigonish Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
Municipality of the County of Antigonish ICSP


Technology and Policy Options for a Low-Emission Energy System in Canada: a 2015 report by an expert panel working under the guidance of the Council of Canadian Academies, providing clear policy options for Canada in the lead-up to the December 2015 UN climate summit

Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in Canada: in coordination with the global Deep Decarbonizartion Pathways Project, this report identifies six pathways for decarbonizing Canada’s economy, linking each with required changes in policy and technology (there is also a summary report)

Paris Agreement views and key points: a short summary of key points and notable quotes about the Paris Agreement, prepared for a meeting hosted by REA on the implications for Antigonish and for local groups working on energy and climate issues

some resources used in preparing the above document:

Why Are INDC Studies Reaching Different Temperature Estimates?: an article from the World Resources Institute on the estimated temperature effects of the current (COP21) round of pledges

The Paris Agreement: Turning Point for a Climate Solution: World Resources Institute analysis of the key provisions and conference highlights

Paris climate deal: key points at a glance: The Guardian, December 12, 2015

A Reader’s Guide to the Paris Agreement: The most important piece of international diplomacy in years, deciphered : from the Atlantic, December 16, 2015

Full text of the final agreement but if you find this too long or too dry, check out this more accessible interactive version

Public Health

Health Canada – Climate Change and Health: Health Canada web page on climate change and Health, with links to related resources, including Climate Change and Public Health Factsheets

Nova Scotia Health Care Facility Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit: for use by health care facilities to assess their resiliency to climate change, includes facilitators guide, assessment checklist and resource guide

Toronto Public Health – Climate Change and Health: a strategy that “identifies specific actions and sets out a direction to better understand and respond to the health effects of climate change”

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – Climate Effects on Health: resources and links from the CDC (US), including the health chapter from the Third National Climate Assessment

World Health Organization – Climate Change and Health Fact Sheet: global perspective on the health effects of climate change and how WHO is responding

2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change: maps out the global impacts of climate change, and the necessary policy responses (for the lead article click here)

Renewable Energy

Solar Photovoltaics in Nova Scotia: Report on Costs and Measured Electrical Productivity: a 2014 report by the Ecology Action Centre commissioned by the Nova Scotia Dept. of Energy about whether and how to promote photovoltaic systems for electricity generation in Nova Scotia

Our Electricity Future: Nova Scotia’s Electricity Plan 2015-2040: short, medium and long-term plan for the development of Nova Scotia’s electricity system and the transition to low-carbon energy sources

Sea Level Rise

Antigonish Floodrisk and Erosion Climate Change Project: Report on local flood and erosion risk due to sea level rise and storm surges in Antigonish

The State of Nova Scotia’s Coast Report: gives an overview of the condition of provincial coastal areas and resources. Chapter 7 and an accompanying fact sheet are about the effects of sea level rise

Planning for Coastal Areas in the Context of Changing Climatic Conditions in Antigonish County: review of best practices in coastal zone management and recommendations for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish

Scenarios and Guidance for Adaptation to Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise — Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Municipalities: consultants’ report on climate change and sea-level rise scenarios for twenty-two municipalities in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, including “Pictou/Antigonish”

Shoreline Protection

Understanding Nova Scotia’s Coastlines: a two-page brochure from Natural Resources Canada that beautifully and concisely explains the process of coastal erosion and its effects on Nova Scotia’s shores

Coastal Environments and Erosion in Southwest St. Georges Bay, Antigonish County: a report on coastal erosion at local sites, including aerial photos of Mahoney’s Beach, Jimtown, Monks Head and Pomquet Beach

Healthy Beaches and Dunes for Tomorrow: A Stewardship Guide for Nova Scotia Landowners: a report by Sue Abbott (Bird Studies Canada) that explains the dynamics of beaches and dunes as they respond to changing environmental conditions

Living Shorelines Toolkit: a set of resources compiled by the Ecology Action Centre about coastal erosion and how it can be addressed, including videos explaining the Living Shorelines project and how to apply some of the techniques developed specifically for the eroding banks of the Northumberland Strait, and an annotated bibliography of the best of the web’s coastal erosion resources

Living with coastal erosion in Europe: Sediment and Space for Sustainability: A guide to coastal erosion management practices in Europe


The Blue Economy Initiative undertakes research and advocacy projects around four key “blue economy” focus areas: 1) value of water to Canada’s economy, 2) global water opportunities, 3) value of water in agriculture/food production, and 4) innovative smart water and wastewater infrastructure “city of the near future.”

The preamble to the Municipality of the County of Antigonish Climate Change Action Plan includes anticipated impacts on our water.

Video Resources

“Listening to Our Neighbours”: Film about climate change in Antigonish (film, teaser, music video)

The Cost of Carbon: A good short introductory film from the climate reality project on the costs of climate change, with an international focus