Continuing from the stories told in the film Listening to Our Neighbours, we want to collect your story here so we can share it. However big or small your action may be, it will show what can be done to slow climate change and reduce its impact. Tell us your story.  Maybe you will inspire someone.

How this works: You fill in the form below. When you click “submit”, we will receive your input by e-mail. Your name and e-mail will be used only to confirm that you and your story are real. We will not share or use them further. After we review your information we will pin it on the map with a link to your story.

Action locations in and around Antigonish:

197 Main Street, Antigonish, NS, Canada St James has long been committed to environmental action. Just a few of the things we have done recently include: conducting an informal environmental audit of church and church activities; encouraging car pooling for church activities; regularly organizing Earth Day Services so that environmental stewardship is incorporated into worship; printing over 100 “Energy Reduction Tips” in our weekly church bulletins; and repurposed or recycled as much as possible during our recent renovations.
45 Bay Street, Antigonish, NS, Canada In attempting to live in right relationship with all of Creation, the Marthas have: purchased more local food; reduced fossil fuel use through energy upgrades, renovations and the reduction of grass mowing; installed a solar panel in one residence; purchased 4 hybrid cars; switched almost 800 incandescent light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs; conducted energy audits and made recommended changes in smaller communities (adding insulation, replacing windows and doors, air sealing); reduced waste and increased composting; and reduced paper shredding by recycling.
Keppoch Road, Antigonish, NS, Canada We live about 15 km from town, so three houses in our neighbourhood regularly check in with each other about ride sharing. Also, when some of us are passing through town we often phone others to see if there's anything they need brought home from the grocery store -- it saves quite a few unnecessary 30 km round trips!
952 Pleasant Valley Road, Antigonish, NS, Canada photovoltaic installation and energy efficiencies
Old Ferry Road, Afton Station, NS, Canada For our new home we wanted to find the right balance of cost and efficiency, and to take advantage of the current subsidy for energy efficient building. Working with Efficiency Nova Scotia we designed a home that hit the minimum energy rating (82) to get the maximum rebate ($7K). PLUS our home will be comfortable and affordable to heat for decades.
Macken Rd, Antigonish, NS, Canada When we had to replace our leaky 55-year-old windows, we upgraded to triple-glazed, argon-filled, low-E versions that will eventually pay for themselves in energy savings. Meanwhile, we're a lot more comfortable!