Antigonish Climate Resilience (ACR) is an informal group from Antigonish Town and County who began meeting in the fall of 2014 to find ways to encourage our community to plan for the local consequences of climate change and to do our part to help slow it down. Climate change affects us all so we must all work together, as a community, to address this global problem.

ACR began by listening to the community, involving hundreds of community members of all ages, discovering what they know, what they are doing, and what their climate change concerns are. We then shared these stories through film, in hopes of inspiring greater community action.

Climate change preparations begin with individual actions and journeys, becoming regional, national, and global efforts. Individual actions will be different for each of us but we all have to begin somewhere. How well we prepare for climate change depends on the Antigonish community, our collective will, creativity, energy, and resourcefulness.